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25. Your effort was zero, so that’s the result of everything.

Change-Lana Del Rey

26. Not as it is but at least once we were happy together.

Happiness is a butterfly-Lana Del Rey

27. So I guess we’re over now but to let you know that we will never be that friends again.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together-Taylor Swift

28. I will never forgive myself for the choice over you, I couldn’t appreciate you well enough.

Don’t Blame Me-Taylor Swift

29. Don’t be dramatic, the only reason why I’m still here is your smile and to hear: I am so proud of you.

Never Forget You-Noisettes

30. I stopped running on the upheated asphalt at midnight because I couldn’t see you anymore through my tears.

Old Money-Lana Del Rey

Entirely different stories from the exact same book.