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13. We’re born alone, we die alone and no one will remember us, so just fuck it.

This Is What Makes Us Girls-Lana Del Rey

14. Summertime hamburgers and colas in an empty hypermarket’s parking lot with the guys.

Florida Kilos-Lana Del Rey

15. The chance has been missed to make a perfect cherry topped milkshake.

Maybe My Soulmate Died-iamnotshane

16. I wanna kiss you on a ferris wheel, middle of the summer, in the sunset at a theme park where all the albatrosses are singing.

Ferris Wheel-Imagine Dragons

17. I’m gonna faint but don’t worry, not because of you, it’s only my starvation.

The 30th-Billie Eilish

18. You made me laugh then you raped me and left me on the floor in a thousand pieces.

Summertime Sadness-Lana Del Rey

Entirely different stories from the exact same book.