Hi! I am Martin,
an artist.


I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 2002 and I started making artworks when I was about 15 years old but only since 2019 I have been doing it professionally. My greatest artist inspirations are Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Victor Vasarely, Frida Kahlo and Antoni Plàcid Gaudí. I released 5 collections: Boxes {minis’}, Team Bubbles, The Visuals Collection 1.0, space between Steel and My Sweetest American Dreams.

I belive that creativity moves the world around.

I started making art to tell you a story trough of my artworks. Every collection has its own theme, style, feeling and story that I would like to share with you but you will get the full story only if you listen carefully to the connecting lyrics of the music.  

That’s the reason why most of my arts were inspired by a musician such as Lady Gaga, Sia, Adele, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey, YUNGBLUD, Lil Nas X, Ava Max, Imagine Dragons and Madonna. Their lyrics help the public to understand my art.

Since these influences I’ve been considering myself to be an op, a new type of pop or a fast fashion artist, also I usually try to create two or three different collections in a year.

So now...

Let we present You the Collections

Boxes {minis'}

The Boxes {minis'} is my second collection, however this is the first one in the story line. This is the intro of the whole story. The name 'Boxes' refers to the size of the paper and also to the thing that when we get a box or a package it's usually the beginning of something.

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Then we have Team Bubbles the other Planet, which is the actual first big collection that I made.

When I was making Team Bubbles I wanted to do something totally unique, I wanted to connect music and art and combine them, so that’s why it’s a place ’where art and music intersect’.

The colours represent the music which is fun, happiness and joy in our lives and the black prickly shapes represent the art, the pain that we have in our everyday life.

Team Bubbles belong together that’s why ’they’re such a family.’

Team Bubbles

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I think that every emotion that we can feel is pain. Now you can have the question: ‘What about happiness?’ Well yes, that’s a tricky one. To reach happiness in your life you need to go through some deep shit, you need to suffer and then heal. Only after that can you get total happiness in your life.

The Visuals Collection 1.0 which is more about some kind of pain. It’s about the power of fire, about struggling not to give up, moving on, and the fire that those people can give us who has never believed in us.

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space between Steel, which represents all the kind of human cruelty and brutality and also includes all our feras and demons, which we try to fight against them everyday just to survive. We need to defeat all our demons and the monster that torturing us in order to get over the past.

This collection is about the role that everyone has in this life. We all have a role and we try to conform to it just to pretend our real identity but sometimes it worth to break the roles even if it is dangerous and scary.

Demons are real.


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My Sweetest American

My Sweetest American Dreams is about 31 sleepless summer nights. It represents the powerlessness and the feeling when you can do nothing but laying next to the swimming pool under the burning sun all day.

With this 31 artworks we let go all our bad feelings and those people who we really love but we cannot trust them anymore. Most of the drawings were inspired by one of the Lana Del Rey's songs and by the beautiful summer sunset.

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My latest collection is Teardrops, which is about getting used to with the everyday sadness. It’s, the feeling when you cannot be suprised by anyone’s behaviour and effortlessness and somehow about giving up trying to keep useless friendships and people around me who are just fooling with us.

Also, getting stronger despite the fact that we are alone and we have no tear left to cry, so we need to keep going even if the first step is the hardest but we all know that the second one is harder. So I put my tears into these artworks, creating pureness and the feeling when we are walking above the clouds in our dreams at midnights.

Well, that’s also a me that u cannot see but the rest is just comming.


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And it’s not just about ART,

it’s only about ME. Art is always personal.



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Creativity is what moves the world around.

I am super f*cking talented.

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